Red Orchestra 2 neuer kommender "RO Classic" Mode

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Red Orchestra 2 neuer kommender "RO Classic" Mode

Beitrag von Mezzo » 05 Feb 2012, 08:38

In eigenen Forum wurde der neue Mode vorgestellt. ... hp?t=75146

Etwas verkürzt. den kompletten Artikel könnt ihr im link oben lesen.
                                                                              "RO Classic"

This mode will be an additional mode complimenting Normal and Realism. We have chosen to to this route as there are players who enjoy Realism as it currently exists.

The mode, while featuring no weapon or player upgrades or perks, will be ranked. So players who do enjoy receiving those upgrades and perks can play in this mode and earn them for the other modes. We feel this will allow players to experiment with the mode who might not normally play it, and feel rewarded for their play.

Loadouts and weapon availability will be more similar to what could be found in RO 1. Towards that end, the Squad Leader will be loosing his access to sub-machine guns and semi-automatic rifles to bring the ratio in line. The weapons selectable by each class will also more closely reflect that of RO 1 with PPSH w/ drum mag being the standard loadout and many of the other weapons not having access to their upgrades or limited to a specific upgrade (such as weapons with bayonets for that functionality)

This is the list we are currently looking at:

    PPSH w/drum mag and select fire (Level 3)
    Kar98 w/bayonet (Level 2)
    Kar98 Sniper w/4X scope (Level 1)
    Mosin Nagant Sniper w/3.5X scope (Level 1)
    G41 Sniper w/4X Scope (Level 2)
    SVT40 Sniper w/3.5X scope (Level 1)
    MP40 with single 32 round mag (Level 1)
    MKB42 with bayonet (no scope) (Level 1)
    P38 Pistol (Level 1)
    C96 w/10 round mag (Level 1)
    MG34 w/50 round drum (Level 1)
    MG34 Tripod (no ranking anyway)
    PTRS (Level 1, no ranking on this anyway)
    Pzb 784 (r) (Level 1, no ranking on this anyway)
    MN 9130 w/bayonet (Level 2)
    G41 (W) w/bayonet (Level 2)
    SVT40 w/bayo (Level 3)
    AVT40 w/bayo (Level 2)
    TT33 (Level 1)
    M1895 (Level 1)
    DP28 (Level 1)
    Maxim 1910 (no ranking anyway)
    All other weapons and equipment as normally given (binocs, satchels, smoke nades, etc)

We are also looking at the inclusion of the Elite Assault role back into the game in case the creator of a map wants the MKB/AVT to be available.

But this wouldn't be a "RO Classic" mode with just weapon changes. We also have an initial list of functionality changes and removal as well. This list is designed to emulate the "feel" of RO 1 by making distance engagements a bit more of an uncertainty. You can find that list below. This is once again a look at the initial changes we are going to make for the mode and take feedback on in beta:

    Removal of peripheral action indicators
    Removal of spawn on Squad Leader
    Removal of the bleeding system (Player will always take 100% of the damage to an area on the shot and not half then bleed the rest out like in the current system)
    Players will have a movement speed penalty after being shot in the feet
    Stamina will have a much greater effect on weapon sway and recoil
    Stance will have an increased effect on weapon sway/recoil (with the default standing state having more sway then the current game modes)
    Removal of "controlled breathing" zoom, but retaining the functionality to help steady the weapon as well as the slight iron sight zoom
    Stamina will recharge at a slower rate
    No AI Tank Gunnery
    No Lockdown
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