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Newer Player Stuff

Beitrag von Quincannon » 20 Aug 2012, 03:24

Hi All,

  I am a newer player. ( Some of you would consider me a noob, though I hate the term, as it's really not a nice one) Anyway, I was playing today and
really caught serious flak from a guy who had taken the commander position in a game. (If this was a clan/league game intended for members only let me know, but as far as I know it wasn't)

  I joined and created a squad  because I am  not used to working with most of the regulars, and because I hate getting tossed from side to side like an unwanted stepchild during a game. I was told to get on a squad when playing by other players to prevent getting switched so often.

  I don't mind teamwork. I want to point this out. But this commander started yelling (all caps) orders saying that every squad had to change their squad names, and had to use equipment/kits only as he ordered it. He also started ordering every squad to change the name. I told him I didn't know how to change a squad name. He just yelled at me to do it. He also told me that my squad (someone else had joined) was going to be an armored squad and that we were going tanker and we could only play assault and engineers. I advised him that if I were to try tanking, that it would result in throwing away good tanks (I suck at it). He said that he didn't care and to follow his orders, and yelled at me again to change my squad name. I asked him HOW to change a squad name and he started yelling at me to get out of my squad, to disband it and reform it like he had ordered. (This would have made no sense since I still do not know how to rename a squad) So I told him I would quit the squad. I left. He still kept yelling at me about it.
He was told by someone else that he was using all caps and he acknowledged it, but continued to do it. THEN, he started yelling at everyone who was not assigned to a squad to get on one. I got fed up and left the game.
  I said before that I believe in being a team player if I can. But before today I have only encountered one other person who kept badgering me to do something I told him I don't know how to do (I have no idea how to mark a target for artillery, and know even less how to stay alive when sitting still for long enough to do it. Haven't messed with spotting artillery yet.) How can a new player BE a team player if he is ignored and yelled at even after stating that he doesn't know how to do something? I understand that this game has one heck of a steep learning curve, and that generally allied players are screwed, both because the game is seriously slanted in the Axis' favor and because most of the experienced players play German. I accept these factors. I accept that I totally suck at the game. I still play it because I like the game. However, treatment like I received today feels like I was being treated incredibly unfairly. This was not a game where I had joined a clan/guild and had agreed to follow the leader and had been made aware of my role so that I could be useful and have fun. This was definitely NOT fun. I don't mean to sound accusatory, but it sometimes seems like experienced players would prefer to rid the game completely of new players, or that they truly enjoy destroying new players before they can learn the game. I have belonged to great player communities in the past where people had no problems having people answer a question if they had one.

  So I ask you folks ... Am I in the wrong here? Trying to work with the commander would be one thing. But am I in the wrong playing if I don't know every in and out of the game? Am I wrong to advise Commanders if I lack the skill to carry out their orders? At least I am honest enough to admit that I would be a disaster in a tank. I would hate to be the reason my side lost a map.
  Are newer players THAT unwelcome? It takes time to lean skills. It's not like FH2 has a boot camp. Single player games only teach you so much, and don't teach a player how to do something they don't figure out on your own. Sometimes the only way to learn is to ask and have someone answer.
Is it really out of line to say "You want me to do something, so tell me how to do it." ?
  So what is a newer player to do/expect from the community?

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Re: Newer Player Stuff

Beitrag von ajappat » 20 Aug 2012, 06:55

New players are always welcome and such people as this commander, most certainly are not welcome, not atleast until they start behaving. Let's hope, that next time there is admin online, I was busy with FH2 betatest.

This commander wasn't really any more experienced than you in this mod, most regular players treat new people quite well. They only get mad at you if you get them killed, who woudn't  :0f:.
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Re: Newer Player Stuff

Beitrag von dead_man1876 » 20 Aug 2012, 09:50

Damaso97 took over commander position in allied team on Brest, but resigned in the next rounds. Probably he was well intended, but he disrupted allied gameplay.

Allies then won Eppeldorf, Meuse River and Fall of Tobruk and I was quite confident of winning Cobra too, but he started commanding on Cobra from the beginning. The effect was that allies were not able to take the first push sector for at least 80% of the round. Like Quincannon said, he started to tell everybody what to do and talked without stop on voip commander channel and typed alot too. It was impossible to hear the enemy. He told LowLevelFunctionary to leave Farm and dropped arty on him (he was there and greyed the flag before commander ordered arty). But LLF was in cover and took the flag. I had kept my position hidden at airfield until it became capturable and then the commander dropped supplies at my position before we (only 3 ppl squad) could start capturing (I never ask for supplies because they give away your position). He did not ask pilots and tankers to form a squad but arbitrarily decided which squads may use planes and tanks and which not and ask all other to leave their planes or tanks. He wanted pure infantry squads, no inf squads with tank support. He even made some ppl tk the ones which do not obbey. This was on Cobra last night.
Sorry Damaso97, but though you probably meant it well, you managed to disrupt allied gameplay and ruin our round. We may have lost Brest anyway, but not Cobra.
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Re: Newer Player Stuff

Beitrag von hslan.Bomben-Johnny » 20 Aug 2012, 11:20

I don't think this behavior is acceptable in any way. Give the community another chance to prove them well. Not all sheeps are that dumb. :0f: