Unbanning Otzzzo

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Unbanning Otzzzo

Beitrag von Otzzzo » 23 Jan 2012, 15:12

I got a ban to your server at saturday evening, the reason was destroying assets.
I am truly sorry about what I did that day, and now understand what I did was wrong. So I would ask, could you unbann me, or if not, how long I have to suffer from the bann? If you could give me a chance to show that I learn from things what I have done, you could see that I will never again break your server rules in purpose.
I am actually glad that your server is so good that you take actions against violators, and I truly deserve the ban what I got, but now I am scared that it is permanent.
So as I am here without my dignity and shamed from what I have done, could you please remove the penalty what I got and let me enjoy from your server again?
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Re: Unbanning Otzzzo

Beitrag von Bulwey » 24 Jan 2012, 16:38

The admin who has banned you will respond soon.