new kind of competition


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new kind of competition

Beitrag von » 05 Sep 2011, 10:45

Hi guys,

An idea for when server is almost empty on Port-en-Bessin:
(just tried and had fun with a guy called panzerwagen66)

Grab the two renault cars (one German, one Allied) and gather on road near shipyard facing north.
The race goes like this:
1. Around the church from west side
2. Down south through outskirts
3. into the city to the harbor
4. Arrival: AT gun at Wiederstand 57

It sounds stupid but it was a lot of fun!
...until this Russian guy showed up, didn't understand the concept, and started shooting at us while we were racing.

The bren carriers and trucks were interesting too, but it's less of a race.
Somebody needs to make a video of this!