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Privacy and Registrationagreement

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By confirming this Agreement you accept the following terms:

Welcome to the forum!

To ensure a smooth end to guarantee we would like you to note the following rules:

Age Restriction
The forum is basically hslan for members over 18 years available. By registering you confirm, 18 years or older to be. If in hindsight we know that you're younger, we reserve the right to block the account.

hslan is responsible for the content of the membership dues are not responsible. We do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of contributions, and are also not responsible for their content. The articles express the viewpoint of the author, but not necessarily the views of this forum. Each user who is disturbed by contributing content feels, always has the possibility to register. hslan has the option within a reasonable period of time to remove, should not the rules or violate the law.

Members agree not criminal, minors, illegal or otherwise irregular, in particular pornographic or violent content on the forum to disseminate, or even offering to make accessible. We do not tolerate any postings on with warez, cracks, cheats, thieves, games and links to pirated copies, pornography, racism or equivalent. By registering the user agrees to accept that he explicitly saved and published articles as part of the service be made available electronically. Members with the appointment of the posts in the forum of hslan the rights to play on the operator. Furthermore, allow members to transfer the content to the operator of all rights to change, reproduction, distribution, transmission, development or other use of content without any entitlement to compensation.

Nicks / Namesgebung
User names and avatars, with the Nazis can be linked, are not allowed. Such accounts are fully cleared. Please note that in the registry. A name change by users is not possible. In exceptional cases, a name change by the site admins are concerned. Multi-accounts are not allowed. If a user, the use of two or more parallel accounts found to be the multi-account after a contact with the user to the first-ranging deleted. This also applies if the item later arranged account was used. If the Multi accounts were used to willfully violate the rules to be violated, it is up to the moderators and administrators, to punish the user, to warn or ban.

Spamming, especially in the form of contributions, the only words such as toll-or-wayne-exist, is in principle undesirable. A post usually consists of at least one sentence, which is a bit on the topic to contribute. For SmallTalk are private messages (PM), ICQ or other programs. Also undesirable Leet and similar Kinderkram. Join us and the other easier, the new themes you have a clear name givest. A new thread should have a deeper meaning and at least one sentence, which makes it clear what is at stake. A forum is a place to exchange views and not for the desire of boredom. Also, a thread may be spam.
Links to link thieves games and the like are prohibited, both in the signature as well as in the post. Infringements are punished appropriately.

Tone / warnings
Insults, the use of force expressions are prohibited. To avoid the worst derailments, the forum includes a word filter. Who is offended others, and will be warned in case of repetition of the Forum referred (banned). A warning will be notified via PM and noted that the third warning means invariably the closure of the accounts. Who other insults, it should apologize. Who is offended, it is left to respond, an insult is still no reason in the same key to respond. Reports on the Beitragg prefer the button or feedback.

New Members
It is polite to welcome new members. When new or inexperienced members of the same question for the 20th Time, are comments such as "go halt search" inappropriate. Not everyone knows this, and in forums for hslan do is even the first;). As an experienced user of the boards, you can help position. Perhaps you have even one or the other thread in your head that you about the search will find faster than any other. Verlinke such as thread and then politely to search out and their possibilities.

Rule violations
Those who do not comply with the rules, by the moderators and administrators are called to order.

Admins and moderators have the right to make contributions to change, delete and censor or without a reason to call them.

Have fun in the forum!
Your team hslan

Furthermore, the following privacy policy:

I. General Principles
The protection of user data is considered "hslan" the highest priority.

II data collection and processing during the visit of hslan

II-A: What "not" personal data raises hslan during the visit in the portal
Every visit to the reader on our portal, ie with any demand or attempt to call a file on this server, data on this process in a log file (logfile). These data are not personal, we can not determine which user has accessed the data and also try not to collect such information. These surveys are in a slightly modified form or as a visitor statistics Webstats known.

II-B: What personal information does hslan during the visit in the portal
Personal data of registered users, and only during the visit in the forum raised. In the system indicated the e-mail address, will also write to the contributions of the Forum within the IP Saved address the author.

II-C: How hslan uses the data collected?
All these data are only for its own statistical purposes by us. We use this information to improve our portal for you to make attractive. Except for crimes such as violations of § 86StGB or personal insults, which we or the parties themselves to the display market. We also keep us in front against so-called "trolls" approach by putting on the stored IP address multi-accounts to the same person identified.

III. Cookies
We use as part of our Internet cookies. These cookies serve only the function of a permanent logins.

IV data deletion
The deletion of stored data (account) is possible at any time and upon request will be implemented immediately. Please send in this case an e-mail to: with the subject "delete" and the indication (link) to the user profile.

V. Information and contact
If you have questions or comments about privacy and data security at "hslan" you, please contact