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von novalis7
19 Mai 2012, 02:09
Forum: Forgotten Hope
Thema: Mobilis_in_Mobili
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Re: Mobilis_in_Mobili

It's funny that you say I attacked uncap; as guys fire into ABC/tank spawn of allied Eppeldorf all the time; but everyone says it's OK on hslan (take yesterday or Wednesday for instance when the exavs guys kept doing it).  Needless to say, I did leave spawn when told to in this older case.  I need t...
von novalis7
19 Mai 2012, 02:03
Forum: Forgotten Hope
Thema: CologneSky
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FYI - I had a few TKs today due to the antics of CologneSky... (my player name "mobilis_in_mobili" It was around 4:30-5:00 PM Central time (5/18/2011)on FH2/hslan... and we just got on that map with the harbor/sherman/stug (forgot the name of map). I got in line for the sherman and several people sp...
von novalis7
26 Okt 2011, 14:48
Forum: Forgotten Hope
Thema: What the hell is wrong with these people.
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Re: What the hell is wrong with these people.

Well, the opinion on warandum forums is that 762 respects waiting for vehicles better; and that hslan is quick to crack down on banning for infractions.  Personally, on the servers (of all game variants I've played) where anti-theft attitudes are the norm; you see less TK for vehicles - and less fal...
von novalis7
26 Okt 2011, 14:45
Forum: Forgotten Hope
Thema: NEED MORE ADMINS!!!! (i think)
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Re: NEED MORE ADMINS!!!! (i think)

I myself have TKd on this server because of vehicle/equipment thieves.  However; I realized that waiting in line was not a mandatory rule on this server; and am paying a two week penalty as a result.  While the TK I'll agree was wrong; people should really quit taking vehicles and other assets that ...
von novalis7
25 Okt 2011, 00:04
Forum: Forgotten Hope
Thema: Maplist & Admins
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Re: Maplist & Admins

[quote="IrishReloaded"] 2nd part: In last times I just see the same admins online, like catwiesel, who regulary asks over BF2CC if everything is ok. I would like to see more admins online, that could take actions againts troublemakers ect. Not sure if the autokick is active? Please check this. Thank...